Collecting & Display organises yearly conferences and workshops around specific topics. So far we have had conferences on Collecting & Dynastic Ambition (2006), on Collecting & the Princely Apartment (2007),  on Women Collectors (2008), and on Collecting East & West (2009). The proceedings, edited by Susan Bracken, Andrea M. Gáldy and Adriana Turpin, have been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

It is our aim to create a series of volumes on the most up-to-date research in the field of Collecting & Display and thus to further international dissemination and discussion as we do with our seminars held at the Institute of Historical Research in London.

The volumes can be purchased from CSP via or from,, or can be ordered through any bookshop. 


Andrea M. Gáldy, Sylvia Heudecker (eds.), Collecting Prints and Drawings. CSP: Newcastle 2018. 

Collecting and Dynastic Ambition 2009

Isbn: 978-1-4438-1401-0

Collecting and the Princely Apartment 2011

Isbn:  978-1-4438-2591-7

Women Patrons and Collectors 2012

Isbn:  978-1-4438-3464-3

Collecting East and West 2013

Isbn: 978-1-4438-4779-7

Collecting Nature 2014

eds. A. Galdy and S. Heudecker

Isbn:  978-1-4438-6055-0 

New series:  Collecting Histories

ISSN:  2058-2781

Watch this space for more information.  

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